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About Clean Our Lands

Our Organization

Clean Our Lands was founded in 2019 by Ross Clark. Ross, an avid hiker and outdoors adventurer, spent much of his free time exploring state parks. Frequently he spent time at Saugatuck Nature Preserve in Connecticut where there was always litter such as plastic bottles, broken glass, and other trash taking away from the natural beauty.  Ross always did his part to pick up and over the course of  few months he found that picking up trash was really making a difference. The nature preserve was staying clean, people were littering less when they didn't see other trash on the ground, and other people appeared to have joined in the efforts to keep the park clean. 

This experience inspired Ross to try to make the same impact on a much larger scale, by creating Clean Our Lands.


The nonprofit  funds the mission by hand making and selling bracelets made from reclaimed wood. The wood is salvaged from residential construction projects to prevent it from going to the land fill and is then milled into beads for the bracelets. The beads are finished with nontoxic and natural finishes such as linseed oil and tea stain.

Meet The Team
Ross Clark

CEO & Founder

Handles day to day operations, clean up planning, and location scouting.

Ryan Garb

Chief Marketing Officer

Takes on Content Creation, Social Media Management, and Clean-up advertising.

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Mascot & Audience Retention

Creates a scene to bring attention, pets, and animals lovers to our clean ups and incentivizes volunteering.

Meet The Team

Our Promise

For every bracelet sold we will remove 2 Lbs of trash from our public lands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to clean public lands and work to create a future where littering is unheard of and socially unacceptable!

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